Sunday, December 18, 2011

Treats for My Sweets...

There are so many folks who put together goodie bags, but I'd be remiss if I didn't at least give a shout out to Robyn at My Pink Stamper because it seems like she makes goodie bags every week. And why try to reinvent the wheel when perfectly good ideas are already out there.

Next time I make these I am going to try to find some way to hide the staples...but it's getting late and I've been holed up in my craft room all day. And the recipients are kids, so they are far less picky than I am, at least I hope so :-)

I'm finished with my youngest son's just need to finish up Matthew's (and hopefully I'll still have candy left since I've been eating it as I work, LOL).

You'll notice that the colors of the package toppers are all different---and lest you think I am color blind let me explain---I was trying to use up as many scrap pieces as I could and I wasn't picky about color as long as it was blue! Of course, when I ran out of scraps I had to cut down some 8 1/2 x 11 sheets and created more scraps...but the idea of recycling was a good one! 

One Design...Two Cards

My inspiration for today's card came from a design I found in my Stamp It! Cards book from Paper Crafts. The front of the card has a rounded edge, exposing the inside of the card and is tied together using a plain ribbon.

I decided to stamp some flowers in white on craft paper for a simple and elegant design, but found when I was done that they were still a little flat. I added buttons with twine for the larger flowers and a dot of Ranger's Vintage Photo Distress Stickles for the smaller flowers.

I had already stamped the inside mat of the card and forgot to leave room for the sentiment, so I just cut another piece of white cardstock to form to the rounded shape, so I could stamp Thinking of You. And with another small scrap leftover I punched out a small circle to hide the end of the ribbon that I used for the bow. Pretty clever way to hide it, I was glad I had that scrap.

When I was all done, I still had a strip of the craft paper stamped with flowers left over, so I decided to make another card to use up everything. I mounted it on Bazzill's Carob cardstock and used a Martha Stewart border punch to create the lacework at the bottom and wove a thin brown ribbon through it for added detail.

I love that with minimal effort I was able to create very different cards with the same paper. And now I have an extra card in the pile in case I need to send a note to someone quickly.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

If One Snow Globe is Good....Two is Perfect!

Well, I still had some acetate left over after creating my last card and I couldn't let a good idea go to here's another (more creative) snow globe card. Because I don't have the Nestabilities circle cutouts, I had to make two circles to get the same effect. And on this one, the acetate only covers the smaller circle (oops).

I've noticed that all of my cards have ribbon and a bow, so I tried to shy away from my standard format here (but you'll see that I used a little as a border). I was also very excited to use up some of my snowflake charms since I can never find a use for them in my scrapbook pages.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the card. Can't wait for tomorrow. I have nothing planned and should be able to get a lot of crafting done! Good night.

Inspired Housewarming Card

One of the things I love about following other card making blogs is finding genius ideas for new cards. The other day, Linda at Papertracer made this adorable snow globe and then followed up with a video post to show how she created it. One of the things I love about her blog in particular is how she uses uncommon objects to create new images on her cards. In this latest creation she used one of the banner stamps from Lawn Fawn's Bannerific set to create the base for the snow globe. Since I just added this set to my collection, I couldn't wait to try it out and I thought this would be the perfect way to create a special card for my brother and sister-in-law on their new home! (The lighting in my craft room is terrible today since it is such a gloomy day here in Rhode Island...sorry).

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Snow Cute Birthday Wishes

December is a very busy month for us...between birthdays, Hanukkah, and finally craft room looks like a cyclone hit it! Just finished the teachers' gift bags and now onto birthday cards for my nephew, Will, who will be turning 9 on December 23rd. 

I used my new Sizzix embossing folder that I picked up on Black Friday for $4!!!! and it was my first time using my new Bannerific stamp set from
Lawn Fawn (love those stamps)!

The way this winter is starting, this may be the only snow that my kids get to see this year!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Hoot of a Happy Birthday Card

Okay, I was on a roll tonight! Just couldn't find time all day to craft, but had these ideas kicking around in my head. I just finished a belated birthday card for my brother in law (see earlier post), but couldn't wait to create this one for my niece Madeline, who is turning 18 next week!

I had this cute little owl stamp and saw a Christmas card that had him sitting on a branch. Don't look too closely or you'll notice that I did a pretty lousy job coloring with my Copic markers, but it just confirms that the card is homemade.

Can't wait to put it in the mail tomorrow. Hope she likes it!

In Love with Leftovers

One of the reasons that I decided to start sending hand made cards was to use up all of the extra scraps of paper that I accumulate from scrapbooking. It seemed like such a waste! I love this card because I was able to not only use up leftover paper scraps but I could also use up some up a flower embellishment, a mini brad, and some of my new favorite....skinny ribbon in lime green! I think the card turned out pretty great and was the perfect thing to send to my brother-in-law to make up for the fact that the card is a week+ late. Hopefully we'll get credit for going homemade!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Long Overdue Memorial Page

I decided to spend some time today in my craft room to get organized for this weekend's crop. I only had about 3 layouts left in my Creative Memories box...and several hundred more photos to go through. 

I came across the photos of my little furry friend, Huck, and couldn't resist working on the pages (despite the fact that the ones before it aren't completed). We had to put him down at the end of this summer after he battled kidney and thyroid disease for more than 2 years. We had 17 terrific years with him, but it was still very hard to say goodbye to him and I wanted to make sure that the layout did him justice. I had the kids help me come up with the "things we love about Huck" comments. It helped them to remember the good times that we had together and some of the memories made us really laugh.

I know he is in a better place and not suffering anymore. And now we have this nice memorial page to look at whenever we're sad and missing him.

Black Friday Bonanza

Black Friday starts late in this part of the woods. Thanks to the Blue Laws in Massachusetts and Rhode Island stores can't open on Thanksgiving we have to wait til the stroke of midnight to start the insanity. I am not normally one to head out. I am never quite organized enough to have a shopping list ready. But this year, Joann's flyer drew me in. 75 % off Christmas could I resist?

I was in line with a bunch of die-hard quilters and other sewing when the doors opened they ran right to the fabric racks and I walked leisurely and determinedly toward the papercraft isles. I couldn't believe my luck. They were empty, I had plenty of time to browse at my leisure. I met a couple of very nice ladies who joined me 10 minutes later and we chatted briefly. There was plenty of stock so we didn't even have to negotiate who got which embossing folders. Stamps and ink were marked 40% off and eligible for the early bird 25% coupon.

My total haul cost only $31.36...and I saved almost double that! And look at all the fun goodies I have to play with now. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Green and Red Card

Yes, I know I said I was going to try to move away from the traditional colors...but I just can't. I keep finding ideas that I want to try out and gravitate to my stash of red and green paper (plus, I have a lot of scraps in these colors and the goal of my card making was to use up scraps of paper instead of recycling them).

I used some acrylic stamps to make the branch and evergreen fronds and then used Winter Frolic (like I did before) to create the ornament. If I make this card again, I think it would look nice to use a border punch along the sides of the green background mat...but I had already adhered it when that brilliant thought came to me. Oh well, next time.

I've got another day or two before I need to mail these cards to Ohio for the Cards that Care drive. So maybe I'll get some other colors in there.

Next up, I am going to try to make some Chanukah money enclosures for my nieces and that will get me out of the red and green theme for awhile. Also, I am going to use my new Martha Stewart score board and attempt to make coordinating envelopes, since I couldn't find any in blue at the local Michael's store.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Elfin Fun!

I spent last night at a scrapbook crop...but got very little accomplished. I just couldn't wait to get back to card making! After producing a couple of cards that I didn't really love, I came up with this little cutie.

I used a simple swirl stamp with my Momento ink to create the background pattern. Then I cut out a circle window using my Creative Memories cutting system. But what to put in the window? I tend to avoid the cute stamps, but couldn't resist this little elf that just seemed to be just calling to me.

I used my jelly roller pens to color him in and finished it off with a little red and green bow.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little Ball of Joy

Okay...I know, it's another red and green card...but it's the last one for awhile.

I really wish I could remember where I saw the inspiration for this card...probably one of the Paper Craft books I recently checked out of the library. In the inspiration card, it looked like a bunch of tiny leaves stamped in a circle. Since I didn't have the same leaf stamp...I used what I had, which worked well. I actually think it came out very cute and very homemade. No one will ever accuse me of making cards that look too professional. At least this early in the game.

I colored the leaves with my Copic markers and added some red Stickles for the berries. Finished off simply with a red bow and then I used the same ribbon for a border on the side since it needed just a bit more color.

I think if I did it again, I'd stamp the banner onto some red cardstock but I was afraid the black wouldn't show up even if I embossed it. Maybe I'll play around with it and make a second version to see how it comes out.

Snow Cute!

With all the cards I am trying to create for the Cards that Care drive...I find myself gravitating to the red and green paper over and over again and the designs are starting to blend. So today I decided to switch gears and bring a little snow to the festivities.

The ribbon started to fray after I attached it to the card, which reminded me of a winter rather than fight it....I just used it in my design.

I hope this card brings a smile to someone!

Happy Holidays Card

Somehow yesterday got away from me and I never managed to post my creations. Luckily it was a rainy day, so I got a lot done and played in my craft room quite a bit.

Here's another simple card I made using a stamp from Outlines Rubber Stamps and some Glossy Accents (to highlight the berries). I love how Glossy Accents adds dimension and brightens the color underneath.

I"ll be sure to post my other creations as soon as I get back from work (yes, I actually have to work today!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh Christmas Trees

I've been having so much fun creating Christmas cards...and I've been resisting the urge to listen to Christmas carols while I craft. Have to hold out until Thanksgiving at least.

The next card I made is one of my favorites. I had a lot of scraps of ribbon lying around and tried to figure out how to incorporate them into my design. I created three isosceles triangles in Microsoft Word and cut them out with a craft knife. Then I made three more of the same size, but cut them an 1/8 of an inch larger to give me a border mat. Then I wrapped the ribbon around the cardstock of the smaller trees and voila! I think I'll have to make some more of this one!


Crafting with a Purpose...Cards that Care

With the holidays fast approaching, I know that my crafting will have to take a back seat to more the more pressing needs of my family. But crafting for me is my way to unwind and to find peace. So I wanted to find some way to jump start this holiday season with a that would make me dedicate time each day to crafting and get me in the holiday spirit. And then I found it!

One of my favorite paper crafters, Jennifer McGuire of Jennifer McGuire Ink, is co-hosting a Cards that Care card drive. The goal is to motivate other crafters to make and donate cards that will be delivered to elderly residents in nursing homes. What a great cause and a perfect excuse for me to spend more time in my craft room.

I"ll post some of my favorite designs. If you'd like to get involved with this project, click on Jennifer's link above for directions on where to send the cards.

Today's card was made using a stamp from Outlines Rubber Stamps, some Copic markers, and Stickles. 

You've Found It...a Little Peace of Paper

My name is Stacy and am a paper addict!
There, I said it! I've been scrapbooking since my son was born 10 years ago and have recently expanded my paper obsession to include gift bags, tags, and cards! I follow a lot of crafting blogs, and I in no way want to compare myself with those creative folks, but rather have a place to document my work and store my favorites. Along the way, maybe someone will stop by and be inspired to create, just like other blogs have inspired me.
I'm migrating my blog over from WordPress and so it will look like a lot of projects all got done at once. But eventually, I'll be back on track. My goal is to post a couple of times a week...that way I'll make sure I am getting some good quality craft time in. And hopefully getting some peace with each project I work on.
Today, I took a break from some of the holiday cards I've been creating (more on that later) to whip up a quick Thank You card for some friends of ours. They are having us over this weekend for dinner and I wanted to make sure that the card was ready to go!
The inspiration for this card came from another blogger, Linda at Papertracer. I love how she used mini flowers instead of leaves for the tree. So I attempted my own. Hope she doesn't mind.