Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You've Found It...a Little Peace of Paper

My name is Stacy and am a paper addict!
There, I said it! I've been scrapbooking since my son was born 10 years ago and have recently expanded my paper obsession to include gift bags, tags, and cards! I follow a lot of crafting blogs, and I in no way want to compare myself with those creative folks, but rather have a place to document my work and store my favorites. Along the way, maybe someone will stop by and be inspired to create, just like other blogs have inspired me.
I'm migrating my blog over from WordPress and so it will look like a lot of projects all got done at once. But eventually, I'll be back on track. My goal is to post a couple of times a week...that way I'll make sure I am getting some good quality craft time in. And hopefully getting some peace with each project I work on.
Today, I took a break from some of the holiday cards I've been creating (more on that later) to whip up a quick Thank You card for some friends of ours. They are having us over this weekend for dinner and I wanted to make sure that the card was ready to go!
The inspiration for this card came from another blogger, Linda at Papertracer. I love how she used mini flowers instead of leaves for the tree. So I attempted my own. Hope she doesn't mind.

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