Saturday, December 17, 2011

If One Snow Globe is Good....Two is Perfect!

Well, I still had some acetate left over after creating my last card and I couldn't let a good idea go to here's another (more creative) snow globe card. Because I don't have the Nestabilities circle cutouts, I had to make two circles to get the same effect. And on this one, the acetate only covers the smaller circle (oops).

I've noticed that all of my cards have ribbon and a bow, so I tried to shy away from my standard format here (but you'll see that I used a little as a border). I was also very excited to use up some of my snowflake charms since I can never find a use for them in my scrapbook pages.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the card. Can't wait for tomorrow. I have nothing planned and should be able to get a lot of crafting done! Good night.

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