Sunday, November 4, 2012

You're Never Too Old to Learn a New Trick

I purchased my first Copic marker just about a year ago. And since then, I've gathered quite a collection. But I have to be honest, I am still not quite sure what to do with them. I understand the basic principle of selecting gradient shades and how the alcohol inks blend, but anything I might have once learned about the actual process of coloring and shading from high school art classes is gone. I have even bought some books and found a great blog with tutorials (I Like Markers by Marianne Walker) but I haven't had the time to sit down and actually practice the techniques.

So I am making an early New Year's resolution. 2013 is going to be the year that I learn how to color :-) For me, the most intimidating things to color are images of people. That is why I have NO people stamps. But recently I've been seeing a slew of cards with cute little guys and girls on them and I decided that I wanted some too. Rather than make the financial investment in something that I...1) may not like and 2) be really bad at, I decided to buy some digital images first to practice on. Yesterday I stumbled upon a great site, Redonkulous Designs with creations from owner Sheryl Brown. Best yet, she had a little karate boy that I can use when I create my scrapbook page for Noah's karate demo team. So I purchased the little guy, downloaded him and proceeded to color him to the best of my ability (trying to visually follow along with a sample card from the site.) My first attempt came out like this :

And although he is still awfully cute (thanks to the image itself, not my coloring.) You can see that I really need to work on my blending technique. All I can see are the bands of the different colors and the splotches (especially around his mouth). And oops, forgot to color his eyebrows in!

Thanks to a lovely note from owner Sheryl Brown, I found out that there was a video tutorial for coloring this little guy, done by Kimberly Brown of the blog You can find the tutorial here. I grabbed a cup of coffee, turned on the videos, and dutifully followed along, trying to substitute similar Copic colors for the ones that Kim used in her tutorial (wish I had the fine nibs like Kim used with the Pro Markers). But you'll see that my second attempt is much better (still not as good as Kim's, but a huge improvement).

So needless to say, I am quite proud of myself today and can't thank these two ladies enough! Not bad for a days work!

Hope you find some time today to do something crafty!



  1. Ooooh those fine nibs are a must have item! I think every marker needs them. Wish they came with the purchase of the marker. The paper type makes a world of difference too. Kim and I use the Neenah Solar White, but everyone has a personal taste for what works best. Hope you had fun, it's very addictive isn't it?! I have Kim to thank for this new addiction too - I just started colouring my own digis too! Sometimes I wish there was an undo button! Hehehe! Hope to see more of you in blogland - now a Follower! =)

  2. this coloruing is wonderful!! I love how you did the hair on the black-haired version! Looks great :)

    PS THank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog th eother day :) You made my week!

  3. well i reckon you did a fabulous job..not as easy as it looks and to be honest using promarkers you have to work a little harder and not over colour or leave to dry before blending and yes i too use the same paper as kimberley always have its great for promarkers or copics i watched kimberely((LOADS))) and with her fabby tuts thats how i progressed so keep going your doing so wondefully well a superb card and hes sooo cute brilliant hugs sassyxxxxx