Saturday, December 1, 2012

Crazy About Copics

I have said it before and I'll admit it again, I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my scrapbooking and card making supplies. I love the array of products available and now thanks to Facebook and blogs, I am constantly seeing new things that I MUST have.

Thankfully, I am an organized hoarder, and my compulsion to shop is matched equally with a compulsion to store my crafting supplies into neat easy to read boxes, drawers and carts. My label maker is my best friend.

So as my Copic Marker collection started to expand, I needed to find a way to store the markers. At first, I just used a small three drawer plastic storage container like this one. As I acquired more, I even crafted cardboard dividers so I could separate color families. For a while it worked great. But even though the drawers could hold quite a few markers, there was no way to find the exact color I was looking for without pulling the entire drawer out and culling through them. And the containers were rather bulky to put on my desk. I ended up storing them on the bookshelf of supplies to my left which meant I was always getting up to grab a color.

I started searching around Pinterest to see how other people organized their markers and saw a few designs that I liked made out of PVC piping....but I've tried cutting PVC before and always ended up with jagged edges. Then one day while making a cup of Crystal Light mojito juice a light bulb went off. I could use the empty containers to separate and store my markers. Sure enough, they are almost the exact length of a Copic Sketch marker. I used some pieces of UGlu (that stuff is so sticky) to secure the tubes together and voila! There are many things that I like about this storage system:

  1. The markers sit right on my desk so they are easily accessible
  2. I wrapped each tube in some extra scrapbook paper to coordinate it to my craft room design.
  3. I can easily see the endcaps of the markers (with the number and name) to grab the marker I need.
  4. The system can grow if I need more space...I can expand to the right or a row higher (already planning).

Design tips: Use the longer Chrystal Light containers. I stuffed a tissue in the bottom of each tube so that the markers would stick out past the lid of the container, making it easier to grab them. I also attached a couple of padded "feet" to the bottom just to tip the front of the unit up slightly so the markers wouldn't always slide forward.

So now that I have a great way to store them (with room for more expansion), I can happily shop for more to fill in my collection. And that leads me to my next tip....a way to make sure I don't buy duplicate markers. I used to carry around the color chart that you can download on the Copic marker website here  (you can actually see it on the far left of the second photo). I wasn't very good about keeping that chart up to date though. So you can imagine how happy I was to learn that there is "AN APP FOR THAT." To keep track of your Copic colors on your smartphone, you can download this great Copic Colors Mobile Application. (For Android users it isn't an app, but rather a bookmark that you can set to your browser). I can't take credit for discovering this great application. I read about it on a fellow blogger's website, but for the life of me I can't remember who's site it my apologies for not giving proper credit where it's due.

So that's a bit about my Copic craze! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Stacy, that is such a great idea. I have mine in Color Cubbies, but your storage is super cute and FREE! It can't get better then that, right?
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs and smiles