Friday, April 19, 2013

What a Difference 3 Years Makes

Just a quick post to pop on and say hi. I don't normally post personal things on the blog, but since I actually have people who are following it, I felt obligated to explain my absence. 

It's been an unbelievable week. The kids are home from school and my husband Michael took a few days off this week to spend time with all of us....thank goodness. 

The bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday left us all a little shaken. Three years ago Michael ran the Boston Marathon as part of the Dana Farber Team. He finished his race in just over 4 hours. He wanted to finish it in under 4. He turned 50 this year...and I know that a piece of him would have loved to run it one more time...just to see if he could. Which got us all to wondering this week, what if...
  • he hadn't gotten diagnosed with lymphoma in 2011.
  • he didn't have to go through chemo this year.
  • he had decided to run just one more time.
  • he broke the 4 hour mark.
  • the boys and I were at the finish line cheering him on.
There are many things that I am grateful about on a daily basis. But I never actually thought I'd hear myself say that I am grateful about his cancer diagnosis. For this one moment though, I can honestly say, it might have just saved his life.

I am hopeful that soon my mojo will return and I'll be back in the crafting mode. Until then, my heart hurts for those affected by this great tragedy and hope that the healing can begin for all of us soon.

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