Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year in Review

At the beginning of the year, I posted 7 crafting goals that I hoped to accomplish in 2013. At the time I thought they were pretty realistic goals...nothing too crazy. But alas, here we are on the last day of 2013 and I have to admit that I've fallen short on most of them.

 My list (and my actual results) included:

  • Participate in at least two challenges (card or page layout) per month. This will help keep the mojo going throughout the year. Although I completed a number of challenges this year, I certainly did not do 2 a month...but the Layout A Day accounted for 28 daily challenges in February, 30 challenges in May and 31 in October, so my average is well over 2 a month.
  • Write at least one blog post per week. I failed to do this in April, June, July, August, September and November...and know exactly why each of those months fell short, but I digress.
  • Join a blog hop (not just to follow....but to be a blog on the hop). This is one I accomplished, I actually joined two this year...so yeah for me.
  • Practice, practice, practice coloring with my Copics in the hopes that I learn to stay within the lines. I am getting better with my coloring, but still could use some more practice.
  • Learn how to use (and not break) my sewing machine. I want to produce one card with machine stitching on it...just one, that shouldn't be THAT hard.  The sewing machine has sat untouched for the last 11 months...but there's always 2014.
  • Catch up on my scrapbook layouts so I am never more than 1 month behind the calendar (right now I am scrapping photos from July...so it's not an unrealistic goal). I've started scrapbooking differently and don't worry about staying in order as much as telling the stories that need to be told. I am currently working on my December daily pages (for this year)...so I am going to call this goal accomplished.
  • Double the number of cards I sent to OWH (Operation Write Home) in 2012. I have sent 146....so that means at least 292 for 2013. Ugh, failed miserably on this one. I had a huge stack of holiday cards to mail this year and missed the deadline. So my total of cards shipped to OWH was a measly 75. But I did participate in 2 OWH blog hops and had cards featured as a Mid-week throwdown challenges twice this year! 

It may not show in the numbers, but 2013 was by far the most fun and the craftiest (is that even a word?) year that I've had so far and I am looking forward to making more cards, scrapbook layouts, and crafty friends in the year ahead.

What are your crafty plans for the New Year?

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