Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Muse (and my mojo) is gone...

Despite being right in the middle of LOAD 214 (Layout a Day's scrapbook challenge)...my mojo has come to a screeching halt. 

On February 5th, we said goodbye to our little furry girl, Bailey. She was 19 and although that is a great, long life for a kitty, it didn't make it any easier to say goodbye. Fortunately, we were all home that day and were able to be with her in her last minutes. She always kept me company when I crafted and I often had to move her out of my chair so I could get to the computer. It seems weird being in here without her today.

Two days before she died, I created this layout for one of the LOAD challenges. I am so glad that I did. Although the picture of her reminds me of how fast she was declining (food all over her face)...it's a wonderful close up and still makes me smile.

One of the last layouts that I created was a two-page spread with old photos of Bailey and her brother Huck (who we lost 2 years ago). The prompt was to use something old, and the photos were the perfect way to memorialize the little ones.

I've gotten so far behind the LOAD prompts that I probably won't do any more this month...but I have few cards to make today so I better get going. It's hard to craft when you are sad...but I'm hoping that my mojo returns soon. I miss crafting almost as much as I miss my little Bailey.

Here's to hoping...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's Time to Bust Some Scrapbooking Myths

So it's the second of February and that means we are on
day 2 of Layout A Day (LOAD 214). This round's theme is Scrapbook Mythbusters (where does Lain come up with these prompts?) and it's all about breaking down the myths and mysteries about scrapbooking.

I've decided not to post every layout this month, but rather highlight some of my favorites since I have a lot of other crafty projects in the wings. But I am particularly happy with how today's layout came out so thought I'd share.

The prompt today was to dispel the myth that you should only scrapbook big events or stories. So we were challenged today to scrap about a little story that was important for us to record. I knew right away which photo I was going to use...I've been saving it for just the right layout. (Layout design was inspired by another fellow LOADster, Orange Everything...ironic huh?)

When my oldest son was little, he loved to eat carrots...but they ended up turning his nose orange (hard to see in the photo). We actually were slightly worried about him and made an appointment to see his pediatrician. After taking one look at Matthew, the doctor said, "He must love carrots!" and assured us that his nose was just responding to the extra doses of beta carotene. We were relieved that it was nothing serious...but we did end up limiting his carrot intake.

Well that's it for now. The big game is underway and my craft space is being invaded by cheering fans.

Have a great night.