Sunday, May 17, 2015

Planning Perfection, Perhaps?

Have you gotten caught up in the planner craze. Well I certainly have! So many adorable products out there to turn your everyday calendar into a work of art. 

Up until now I was working out of last year's planner that I got at Staples. It was an academic calendar so due to run out at the end of for the past few months I've been scouring the internet looking for a replacement. Heidi Swapp, Me & My Big Ideas, Webster Pages, Inkwell Press, and the queen of planners, Erin Condron, all have gorgeous product lines...but I wasn't finding exactly what I wanted...until I stumbled upon Personal Planners. The thing I love about Personal Planners is that you get to design your very own planner...everything from the front cover design, through all the inlay pages, right down to the back cover.

Now my planner is pretty boring at first glance...but that was EXACTLY what I wanted. I plan on decorating the heck out of my planner with washi tape, stamps, stickers, rub name's gonna be in there. So I wanted a planner with a very simple layout so that I could customize it just for me.

So without further it is!

If you'd like a quick peek inside my planner, be sure to check out my video below. And if you like what you see, you can use the coupon code that I mention at the end of my video to order your very own Personal Planner.

Only 13 more day until I can start using the planner, so be sure to stop by again and check out how it looks when I've gotten my hands on it. I'll be posting another video showing some of my favorite planner products...the stamps, inks, and pens that I use the most and how the Personal Planner holds up stamping (hint: initial attempts look very promising).

Hope you day is turning out just like you planned!