Saturday, July 4, 2015

Calming the Color Chaos in my Planner

It's been a full month now using my new planner and I'm still not totally thrilled with how my pages have turned out. At first I thought it was because they were too jammed packed, but now I am beginning to think that there is more than just a little too much going on. I think my lack of planning in my planner might be, at least in part, to blame.

BEFORE: A little too much going on
One of the reasons that I chose to order my planner from Personal-Planner was the flexibility to design the inside pages exactly as I wanted. I chose to leave my pages relatively clean (blank) so that I could decorate it myself, without being tied to a specific color or design scheme. And while that was good in theory, in my first month of using it, I wasn't completely happy with how my pages were turning out. Each week seemed incredibly busy and it was hard to look at them for too long without feeling a little stressed out. And if I felt that way, I am sure that anyone else looking at them felt overwhelmed too.

AFTER: Coordinated IS better
As the holiday weekend (Independence Day) approached, I had a number of great holiday themed stickers that I downloaded from Vintage Glam Studios.
As I mentioned in a previous post, this is great site for finding free, printable PDFs of some cute design elements to add to your planner. I print out the pages onto sticker paper and cut them out by hand (yes it would be a lot easier if I had a Silhouette, but fussy cutting works fine). There's a nice selection of sticker sheets available in a 
number of different color schemes with basic checklists, banners, and other design elements. Each month a new sheet is release with a different color scheme and although I think they are designed to fit in the Erin Condren planners, they work perfectly many others as well.

After laying out the weekend, I realized that (for me) a little color coordination
is a VERY GOOD thing. I don't want everything matchy-matchy all the time,
but I found that just sticking to a basic color scheme made it seem much more coordinated and a little less chaotic.  So I am going to give this a try over the next few weeks to see if that helps me find some peace in my planner. This planner is definitely a work in progress for me, but the best part is, if I don't like something, I only have to suffer 7 days until I can turn the page and start over fresh. One of these weeks, I'm bound to find something that works for me...and it might just happen next week :-)

My friend Melissa (owner of ScrapItUp365) recently designed her own 2-page set of July planner pretties (check them out here) in the most wonderful summer color scheme. I love so many of the elements and was literally cutting the first page before the second page even finished printing. There are adorable geotags...and even geotag banners, perfect for recording your appointments and stamping a coordinating icon to match. Instead of just including traditional "to do" lists, she has fun checklists including "Things I SHOULD be doing," "Awesome Accomplishments," "Summer Bucket List for this week" and "Procraftinations..." But I am head over heels for the little circles with the 1/2 design and the arrow banners with space to write or stamp in. Design elements like these are so much fun to use in your planner because they can be customized however you'd like. And wouldn't some of these elements even be adorable on a scrapbook layout or a card? 

So now that I have a plan and some beautiful new stickers to play with, I can't wait for next week to get here so I can start decorating. Stay tuned, lots of pictures will follow.


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