Sunday, January 10, 2016

Planner Post--Week One

In my last post I revealed my new planner for 2016--the Word Wise planner by 1Canoe2 and although I was a little leery about how thin the paper is, I am really pleased with how great it looks now that I am actually playing in it. Take a look at my first week...

I started off stamping everything onto sticker paper (see Monday's entries), but by Tuesday I had decided that I was going to live on the edge and stamp directly on the page. Sure there is a little bleed through to the reverse side...but as long as I stick with the lightest colored inks and use a soft touch, I think it is going to be okay. If anything shows too dark through to the other side, I can always cover it with a sticker or photo. I have found that the little icon images work pretty well as long as they are not solid images...for things like the solid envelope that I used on Thursday...I just stamped onto sticker paper first. 

The thing I love most about this planner is the large sized grid blocks...this format makes me so happy because now all my events aren't lined up in a column, which always looked so rigid. And for those lighter days in my schedule I don't have to figure out how to fill up the space. 

This first week is a little busier than it will probably be in the future...but I was having so much fun trying different things out. Have you been keeping a planner too? Maybe it was your New Years resolution to start one for 2016. 

Whatever your goals, I hope they are crafty!


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